About Evelyn (Pheh Ping) Chang, PhD, APD

Dr. Evelyn (Pheh Ping) Chang is an Accredited Practising Dietitian registered with Dietitians Australia (DA). She completed her Bachelor of Dietetics with high achievement hence being awarded with University Medal and Top USC Academic Achievement in Dietetics. She has also undertaken additional training in chronic kidney disease and gut health having completed Monash University’s FODMAP training for Dietitians and Food Intolerance Management for Dietitians.

Prior to that, she obtained a PhD in Medical Sciences from the Australian National University and MSc in Molecular Microbiology. She was actively involved in research with her work being published in highly reputable scientific journals. To read more about her publications, please click here.

Apart from writing and delivering nutrition & health contents, Evelyn also provides one-to-one dietetic consultations via in-clinic, home visit, and Telehealth (online platform). Her area of expertise includes but not limited to chronic kidney disease (special interest), pre-diabetes and diabetes, heart health, irritable bowel syndrome and gut health, food chemical intolerance, and weight management. If you are interested, you are most welcomed to check her website and join her Facebook or Instagram.

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You may be confused with so much nutrition information nowadays. Some of you may search peer-reviewed scientific articles however you may end up more confused. Without you realizing it, you may start to cherry picking the information, but are they truly reflecting the whole picture? Other time, you probably just want to have a practical tip or easy nutritious recipe, or maybe you just wanting to get inspired and motivated.

Here, Evelyn will keep you informed about nutrition health in a simple and practical manner. Evelyn will share her thoughts and clinical experience with you whilst translating the high-end scientific articles into easy-to-understand nutrition & health information for you. She will also be sharing with you some practical nutrition tips, meal ideas, motivation words, and basically anything related to nutrition and health-the sky is the limit!

More importantly, Evelyn would like to expand her effort to make a difference in people life to a wider community. She sees limitation with her current model of one-to-one clinic consultation. It is her hope that she can reach more people through writing, through translating the scientific nutrition evidence to easy-to-understand information and through sharing her clinical experience, and through sharing her thoughts. She hopes her readers will be better informed with nutrition information in an accountable manner and be aware of what is important for their health and lives. She also welcomes feedback and thoughts from her readers as one of the means to communicate with them.

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Dr Evelyn (Pheh Ping) Chang
Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD); BSc in Dietetics; PhD in Medical Sciences; MSc in Molecular Microbiology